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* Premier Brand Non Stick Cookware * 

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Premier Non stick  Appam Stick  Deluxe * 22 cm  
Sale Price- $ 21.99 ( Free shipping) Order it Now!


Premier Non - Stick Excel Tawa Large 
 28 cm - 3mm thickness 
Sale Price- $ 19.99 ( Free shipping) Order it Now!


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Premier Non Stick Cookware 

Features :

Non-stick cookwares are made of 99.5% purity aluminium metal as the product base with strict adherence to quality control in all the stage of the production. The non-stick coating is done with internationally known and approved materials with all imported from UK/GERMANY/SINGAPORE. The base and the non-stick coatings are thoroughly quality approved as conforming to the international standards.

Premieroffers very many types,varieties and sizes of non-stick cookwares for the domestic and commercial use including Chinese woks with and without grills.

The non-stick products are offered as singles, sets, combiation varieties etc., as per market requirements.

Packings are also offered as individuals, set packings. gift/presentation sets etc., apart from quantity bulk packings of single item in polyshrink as per the international market practice.

As the market requirements vary from place to place, any modification or change in the product is quite possible.

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