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Unix sprout Maker  

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 Unix Sprout Maker -  richest source in natural vitamins minerals and enzymes.

 Contains three separate containers to grow three different kinds of sprouts a healthy idea - to grow sprouts at home.

This small and compact sprout maker may be the ideal for your home and body - great for salads and many more - Great gift idea for your loved ones.

Unix Sprout maker - Sale price -  $ 34.99 * Free shipping --Order it Now!


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 News about sprouts from :


Tuesday, October 26, 2004 commentary:

Eating raw sprouts provides powerful anti-cancer effect, says new research

Sprouts have always been eaten by vegetarians and holistic nutritionists who tout their anti-cancer effects. Now research back up the knowledge and shows that eating sprouts for just one month makes a notable difference in protecting against DNA damage (and, hence, cancer).

Broccoli sprouts, for one, are well known to harbor powerful anti-cancer phytochemicals -- far more powerful than any prescription drugs, in fact. Broccoli sprouts are an important nutritional tool for anyone battling cancer, and when combined with other superfoods like chlorella, they can actually reverse cancer and result in the elimination of cancer tumors.

You can eat sprouts in large quantities: the more, the better. They're "living food," too, which means they'll confer the benefits of enzymes and living food energy as well.


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